For what reason do hair fall? What’s more, what’s the idea? Hair is one of the significant segments of human life to improve one’s excellence and composition. The hair falls when blood flows decline in our body. Any reason can influence it. What are the reasons for hair fall? Emotional stress we see that women/man take a lot of emotional stress. Due to which women’s hair starts to fall. The first reason emotional stress is a big reason for man or woman.

The most important and main reason of hair falling is excessive use of vitamin A., And if you have a deficiency of vitamin B so definitely hair will fall. And due to diabetes also process the hair fall.

5 Best Tips To Stop Hair Fall:


1. Onion Juice for hair growth                                                                     

Antibacterial, anti-fungal property in onion for that reason it controls hair fall. Onion juice provides Nourishment for hair follicle and neutron that lose form our skull it also helps bring. A lot of Sulfur in onion who control Breakage and make healthy. Its regular use makes hair shine and removes Dandruff quickly easy make longer. hair fall

How to apply onion juice on your hair                                                        

Take one or two onion and chop small pieces and grind when grinding complete then put out in the small bowl. Separate onion juice with the help of a filter when onion juice Separate from onion user small piece of cotton dipped and squeezed extra water. Make Partition of your hair apply in your hair roots let it stay an hour for half a massage in your hair roots the blood circulate in your skull after an hour washes your hair with the best Shampoo.

onion juice for hair growth
2. Aloe Vera essential for Hair growth                                

Aloe Vera contains proteolysis enzymes which help heal and repair the damaged cells in your scalp. It likewise as an incredible conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and sparkling. It advances hair development, avoids tingling on the scalp, lessens dandruff and conditions your hair. hair fall

How to apply Aloe Vera on your Hair

Three big spoons of Aloe Vera one spoon coconut oil and mix well then put this mixture in your hairs roots and message five minutes. Do not forget to do the massage at all. Cover well with polythene and leave for the whole night. And if you want, you can also do it before bathing then you have to give it an hour.

ALOE VERA USE FOR fore hair growth


3. Eggs Hair mask for hairs growth                                              

Conditioning your hair with eggs yolk enhances hair growth and stop hair fall make stronger because eggs are rich protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants and especially useful to moisturize hair appears dry. Iron is necessary for your bodies to Develop new cells. Each egg contains a small, but significant, amount of metal.

How to apply Egg Hair mask on your hair                                                                                 

It’s so simple for this hair mask you will require two eggs, two tablespoons olive oil and the little bit of milk you can choose the amount of liquid depending upon the density as well as of your hair. All the Ingredients mix to get there and apply on your strands. You can also refer to wet hair. So that’s easy to implement it. Make hair Partition apply the hair mask with the help of your finger and leave it dry in your hair 15 to 20 Minutes after you can wash hair mask regular tap water. You can shampoo your hair if you do not like the smell of the egg.

eggs use for hair growth


 4. Amla oil for hair growth   

Amla oil to many benefits for our hair massage your hair with amla oil it helps boost your blood circulation. The Amla oil rich in vitamin C, Tannin’s, Phosphorus, Iron, Calcium these all necessary for hair.  You can make longer and stronger hair with the help of Amla oil.

How to apply Amla oil on your hair                                                                                   

First, take a bowl to add lemon one or half and five or six tablespoon of Amla oil. You can choose an amount of amla oil depending upon the density as well as of your hair and then mix all Ingredients.  Apply oil in the hair root with the help of finger and message for five minutes and leave it for two hours. Following two hours wash your hair with cleanser.

amla oil for hair growth


5. Ginger +Garlic oil for Hair growth 

The stimulation effects of Ginger works you increase the blood circulation in your scalp which encourage the healthy hair growth. Ginger is a great hair conditioner it makes your hair silkier and softer.G singer also useful remove dandruff and dry and itchy scalp. It contains natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic proprieties that help scalp healthy. Ginger contains an antioxidant which helps free radicals which is the primary cause damaged hair cell.

How to make oil and apply

To make this oil, you will need grated ginger for this to take one fresh ginger and scrap away the peel. If you want it’s not necessary to peel it off the ginger but make sure that you wash it properly. Next, we will use the grinder and grind properly. Next, we crush the garlic clove into a fine paste. Boil one cup of water in a container add ginger and garlic paste to it. Let it boil 10 to 15 minutes. Once it cools, strain the liquid and apply this oil to your hair and gently message .wash it off with shampoo after 30 to 40 minutes.

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